Having done quite a bit of (mostly) car modeling as a young man we became interested anew in the hobby in our golden years just like many of you. It was slow going at first, but gradually coming up to speed. Our first project was a VW Beetle that turned out to be a hot mess of a glue bomb. After watching a lot of YouTube videos, and traveling around to a lot of websites we got more of the hang of things. We are still learning and perfecting so not ready for contest or show entries just yet but are getting there.

It was during the course of trying to soak in as much information as possible that one day we came to the realization we had accumulated a TON of bookmarks to various sites, and to YouTube videos as well. Not to mention the Redit groups, message boards and blogs for shops and other sellers in the hobby.There was a massive amount of information there and an equal number of hobby shops, manufactures, after market sellers etc. Much more than we expected. Having been in the website business in the past from our base in Maryland USA, it seemed a natural fit for us to try and put all this information together in one place. So we are.

This is very much a work in progress and an ongoing project focused solely on car modeling. We believe we have a good portion of the car modeling sites already. We update the site frequently when we get new links or resources, and validate the ones we have periodically as well. As time goes by, we hope to have 99.9% of the existing resources listed all in one place without having to suffer through search engine results that are incomplete, out of date or not relevant. All the resources are in "digest" form and sorted in categories for convenience, and all have a breif description of the resources content.

If you find a mistake, something that's busted, or would like to let us know about a place we missed, or just want to say "hi", you can use our EMail form for that located here.

Thanks for looking and happy car modeling !