High Performance Diecast McLaren 765LT Done!

This model was years in the making but the boys are High Performance Diecast have finally released the production version of their promised 1:18 metal and opening  McLaren 765LT!  Two colour options are available, they include Grey and Blue, each of which is limited to 600 pieces.

Product# HPD18001 / HPD18002

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06/13/2024  07:59 PM
KK Scale New Classic BMW & Lotus!

Budget-friendly brand KK Scale is back with two marques, BMW and Lotus.  Multiple classic BMWs are noted, see below for a complete list.  As for the Lotus, the classic Lotus Esprit Turbo is here, Yellow, Silver and Red available!  Look for these in late June 2024.

KKDC181143 – BMW 2002 tii 2.series 1974, Black
KKDC181146 – BMW 1502 2.series 1974, Dark Blue
KKDC181073 – BMW 1602 1:series 1971, Yellow
KKDC181076 – BMW 2002 ti 1:series 1971, Dark Red

KKDC181195 – Lotus Esprit Turbo 1981, Yellow
KKDC181196 – Lotus Esprit Turbo 1981, Silver
KKDC181197 – Lotus Esprit Turbo 1981, Red

Product# See above

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06/13/2024  07:28 PM
New Tooling INNO64 – Nissan 180SX

News from the INNO64 camp is the 1:64 scale Nissan 180X.  Colours to come include Black, Red and White.  No word on a release date.  Also, this prototype sample still requires licensor approval.

Product# TBD

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06/13/2024  07:25 PM

BBR reveals the first image of their new 1:18 resin and sealed Ferrari 12 Cilindr!  They first announced the model in May.  Did you order this resin piece or are you betting on a metal and full-opening model?  BBR has also announced the 1:18 resin and sealed Pagani Zonda C12 in Yellow.  No word on a release yet!

Product# P18170B

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06/13/2024  07:22 PM

We don’t know what it is, hopefully you do!  It is defined as the Awakenup P61 Kaipeng Version Project by DreamPower.  It was discussed in the early production stage, this is the production piece arriving in late June.  Three colour options are available, each limited to 99 pieces.

Product# TBD

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06/13/2024  07:19 PM

Kyosho is back with a little tuner action, this is their 1:43 scale Toyota GR Corolla “MORIZO” edition replica.  We’re not sure in additional colour options are in the works on the Gray.  Delivery is noted as July 2024.  Suggested retail $73 US.

Product# KSR43126GR

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06/12/2024  04:49 PM