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Aftermarket & Detailing
Last Updated 09/10/23
Off the Sprue
Tires and wheels, photo etch, wires, decals,engine,suspension,brake and electrical parts. Resin printed parts and engines, stock car parts.Engine and lighting parts.Interior details. Machined aluminum parts.
Decal Gear
Specializes in decal paper and software for making your own decals.
Detail Master J&J Designs
Engine parts, wires, decals, custom flocking, wood grain strips, engine parts,photo etch, brake parts, exhaust parts. Trim and interior, seat belts, license plates,racing parts.
Model Builders Warehouse
Tires and wheels, photo etch, wires, decals,engine,suspension,brake and electrical parts. Resin printed parts and engines, stock car parts.Engine and lighting parts.Interior details. Machined aluminum parts.
E-Z Masks
Custom windshield and window painting masks.
Fireball Modelworks
Great selection of 3D printed detailing parts for engines, and more. Tires. Tire lettering decals. 3D printed parts of every kind. Based in Alabama.
Indycals Decals
Specializes in parts and decals for Indy cars including tire lettering and engine parts. 3D printed.
K&S Metals
Manufacturer of all things metal in aluminum, stainless and brass. Metal sheets, rods, square stock, and wire in all materials. Widely available in hobby shops or buy direct.
Dan's custom built model cars and diorama's
Sells custom built cars and diorama's featuring excellent weathering technique.
Laski Scale Specialties
Retailer that specializes in aftermarket parts from Detail Master, Model Car Garage, and many more.
Lowrider Model Car Parts
Great selection of tires and wheels plus other parts aimed at lowriders. Offerings include interior and exterior detail, engine, exhaust, and bumper details. Chrome parts including bumpers. Specific to lowrider vehicles including trucks.
Lumable wireless lighting sets adaptable to model cars and trucks.
Mr Model Detail Parts
From Brazil. Photo etch, wheels, decals, metal parts and wiring. Some 3D printed parts. Interior and exterior parts.
The Parts Box
Decals, 3D Printed parts, wheels, wires, engine, interior and exterior detail parts. Paint masks, drive train and exhaust.
Pro Tech Model Products
3D printed parts, wires, wheels, engine and exterior detail parts. Seat belts and interior parts.
Trailer Trash Kustomz
Only 3D printed pars including a wide selection of interior, exterior and engine detail parts and add-ons.<./div>
Rays Kits
Specializes in detail up, full and white letter tire decal sets for domestic and racing vehicles.
Scale Motorsports
Decals, photo etch and other parts for racing cars including indy. Fairly good selection of hard to find tools and finishing supplies as well.
Scale Pro Shop
Retailer that specializes in aftermarket and detailing. Carries Detail Master, Model Car Garage, Pro Tech and more.
Slixx Decals
Great selection of decals for all kinds of vehicles including dragsters. 3D printed and resin parts for engines, interiors including seats and exteriors.
Ted's Modeling Marketplace
Outstanding aftermartket supplier that has everything you need including license plates, wheels, wiring, metal parts, 3D printed and photo etch.
Top Studio Hobby Detail Parts
Detail parts for Indy and other race cars. Detail parts for al kinds of models. Has unique "Detail Up Kits" with multiple detail items for specific vehicles and types that include everything you need. Excellent selection of aluminum and metal detail parts.
Wiring Depot
Not strictly for model cars but an excellent source for all things wiring including every gauge of wire, wiring accessories and heat shrink and other tubing.
Zoomonmodel Aftermarket Parts
Large selection of aluminum parts including various sheets. Engine, exhaust, decorative parts plus decals and complete LED lighting sets with everything you need unique to this supplier.
Model Car Garage
Good selection of wheels, wires, engine detail, interior and exterior detail. One of the larger shops with big selection of varied parts.
Scale Riders
A general supply store that has mostly detail parts such as wheels, decals, wires, foil etc. They also have a few models and carry AK Interactive paints.
Scale Stars
A Russian supplier with their own line of 3D printed detail parts including wheels, and fender flares, spoilers, dashboards and much more.
Scale Production
Wheels, decals and photo backdrops for photographing your cars. Produces #D printed detail parts including dashboards, seats, steering and more. From Germany.
Uschi van der Rosten
German supplier with mostly aftermarket for military and planes but has a truly unique product, metal polishing powders, that when rubbed via q-tip on plastic, give the realistic appearance of different metals. The steel and chrome are particularly amazing to use.
Replicas and Minatures of Maryland-
Small maker of detail parts for mostly historic vehicles but also more modern. Large catalog of detail and aftermarket plastics. Company has no website and sells thru dealers but this is their Fotki catalog.
Rocky's Performance
EBay store with extensive collection of aftermarket model accessories with emphasis on performance and racing. A kit bashers dream with lots of bodies, partial kits and almost everything Pro Tech makes available on this highly trusted seller.
Parts by Parks
No website but they will send you a printed catalog. One of the better known aftermarket/detail parts makers available almost everywhere. Send a self addressed, stamped 4''x9.5" envelope to Parts by Parks, 501 N. 2nd Ave, Marshalltown, PA 50158 for your very own drool catalog.

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