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Please Note: Many of these sellers are also "re-sellers" meaning they obtain unbuilt kits from private collections and other sources to sell in their stores.
Also, no stores that sold only non car items ,i.e. Gundam, Railroad, RC, Military etc were included here. Only sellers with cars since we are a "model car" site.
Last Updated 09/9/23
DSPIAE from AliExpress
Fine DISPIAE tools thru AliExpress, which is part of Alibaba and has much better pricing than the manufacturer and even Amazon. If you lust after these superbly designed and made tools then this is the place to get them. Shipping from China is free.
Hobby Link Japan
Lots of cars here but more modern inventory than most. Good selection of several different paints. Detail and aftermarket parts. Many items only available from sellers in Japan.
Hobby Easy
Good selection of cars, paints, tools and aftermarket. Selections are sometimes consignments from individuals.div>
Hobby Tech Toys
Good selection of many hard to find models and varied including snap-fits, and quick builds. Many aftermarket items along with tools, and paints.
Performance Hobbies
Australian store with very large selection of cars including rare and legacy hard to find ones. Accessories including pain and aftermarket and some tools.
Plastic Models Co
Good selection of cars and paints, tools. Has a much better selection of motorcycles than most places. From New Zealand
Plaza Japan
Probably the best online store in Japan. Has an immense collection of all things model cars, as well as military, planes, ships, Gundam, sci-fi and more. A very large website with a lot of products and the cars are legacy models mixed with modern.
Scale Modeller
Very large and well stocked Australian site that specializes in paints and finishes. No models here. Painting and supplies including weathering and finishing are all here in abundance.
Wah Wah Model Shop
This Hong Kong shop has one of the best collections of Tamiya products there is. They also carry cars from other makers, glues, tools and most of the cars are more modern. Good selection of motorcycles as well.
BNA Model World
Australian seller with healthy selection of supplies and paints and model cars. Also sells military and planes.

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