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Database, Reference & Publications
Last Updated 09/16/23
Fine Scale Modeler Magazine
Slick magazine with lots of tips and useful info. Also has extensive YouTube videos. Magazine is very well written and laid out with lots of pictures and how-to's. Unfortunately for car modelers, the articles dealing with cars are very sparse and most issues tend to lean heavily toward military, planes and ships.
Ford Barn
This site has forums and other articles and info all exclusively related to Ford Automobiles. Lots of good information here including paint codes, model and year info and more realted only to Ford.
Model Car Tech
Large collection of articles on model cars and building them, including supplies and how to's for various parts of the process. See what you didn't know here. Great for beginners.
Model Car Tips
Another model car tips and tricks site with how to's, step by step guides and lots of good info on painting, glues and more. Good info here for both beginners and more experienced builders.
Model Cars Magazine
The only magazine devoted to only model cars still in publication. This is the subscription page but they have a forum listed in that section of our site. This is an excellent bi-monthly publication with slick articles and photos, how to's and product info. You should subscribe if you build cars.
Drastic Plastics Model Kit Instructions and Box Art
This is part of the Drastic Plastics Forum listed in that section of our site, but this unique portion is a stand alone gem. It offers a place for users to upload kit box art AND instructions so you can try before you buy or replace lost materials. Very helpful and valuable resource for modelers of cars.
Model Shade Paint Conversion Charts
This is a very helpful database of all the major model paints and allows you to convert colors between them. If you start a project and run out of paint this will help you find an alternate. Very good paint conversion resoure between manufacturers.
Old Mans Models-Don Yost
Site for this legendary modeler with killer painting skills has DVD's for sale detailing his technique as well as many articles and how to's on how he gets the great results he does and consistently as well.
Paint Reference
Database to look up paint codes from most any make-model and year automobile ever made so you can match model color paints. Excellent online database.
Scale Model Hub
Collection of very informative articles on all things related to modeling in general and specific how to's and reviews for cars and kits. Many articles on reviews of materials, equipment and paints.
One of the most well know and most used sites for model car builders there is. The site allows you to upload your stash details, keep track of sales and purchases, and has an enormus database of model kits with the history of issues and details about each kit and even photos of example builds. All submitted by users and all free to use. You can spend hours browsing thru the info here. Maybe the most valuable model car resource online.
Sven's Auto Design
This is a model car kit box art designer with a collection of his box art showcased that he has produced for all the major manufacturers. Intresting and informative browsing.
World's Model Car Database
This database of model cars including diecast is useful to see all the models of a particular brand or maker side by side with phtos. It's a bit hard to use but once you master it it is a good resource for model car makers to see what is out there.
Vintage Model Car Kits / Collectors Weekly
For collectors a watch on prices and availability from eBay and other online sources of more valuable kits and cars primarly for collectors in the hobby along with related items.
Scale Model Podcast
Excellent Podcast with news and information about the hobby and new products, reviews and more.
How to Build a Plastic Model Car
An Amazon affiliated site giving step by step instructions in building plastic kits with photos.
Directory Price Guide of 1:24 & 1:15 Kits
Pricing guide for model kits in the above scales. Gives detailed info on the kits and suggested values for each including indications of rarity. Excellent resource for traders and sellers at shows and patrons. Also available from other hobby and car stores including Amazon from time to time. Excellent reference but frequently sells out.
Anthony Schmidt Photography
Young man with uncanny ability to do perspective photography of model cars setup in real world settings to look realistic. Books and photos showing technique and results with items for sale.
Scale Modelers Handbook
MS Handbook on how to build model cars from start to finish. Organized in MS Word document as individual lessons, suitable for workshops and classes.
Airfix Model World
Airfix models magazine with reviews, new products, how-to's, photos and more. Available digitally online but hard to find in stores. Subscriptions from the UK available.
International Model Car Builders Museum
Located in Utah, they publish a newsletter and have tours. Website has some very interesting photos of their exhibits. Offers tours by appointment only.
Cybermodeler Online
Online scale modeling magazine with extensive reviews of kits, paint reference and more. Covers car modeling and others with many resources right online.

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