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Last Updated 09/9/23
24 Diecast Models
Good selection of more modern cars, trucks, suv's. Discounts are very good and the selection is overwhelming.
ACME Diecast
Once again an overwhelming selection of cars, trucks, buses and more.Emphasis is on highly detailed hot rods and racing vehicles.
Awesome Diecast
Large selection of all kinds of vehicles including construction vehicles. Available in several different scales.
Great selection of vehicles, mostly modern models and/or current real life models.
Italian seller with good selection partial to Indy cars and exotic brands and models.
Classic Toys
Massive selection of highly discounted vehicles in every scale.
CMC Model Cars
Chinese companay with US presence that hand makes very high end and very expensive diecast cars including custom requests.
Collectable Diecast
Large selection of all scales vehicles both modern and classic plus a good selection of planes and military in diecast which are not as common.
UK seller of diecast with an emphasis on motorsports plus a selection of resin vehicles and sales of private collection vehicles.
Good selection of classic cars including resales of Franklin Mint and other very high end and expensive vehicles.
Diecast Direct
Massive selection at great discount prices of evey genre there is. Literally. Police, fire, government, municipal, every kind of business and more. Almost overwhelming to browse thru.
Diecast Fast
Another massive collection of vehicles with very good discounted prices that touts its fast shipping.
Diecast Garage
Discussion board for all things diecast.
Fairfield Collectibles
Featuring selections from Fairfield including large number of classic and more modern vehicles, trucks and other transportation. Some novelty and toy items.
First Gear
Produces eye popping diecast replicas for business and individuals. Has a catalog of items for sale both currently and in production. Custom producer.
Diecast Models Wholesale
Giant selection of both high end and lesser quality diecast. Prices are close to the best you will find but be mindful what you select.
Five Diecast
Good selection of vehicles in every price range including some hard to find high end vehicles all the way down to Hot Wheels®.
Global Diecast Direct
Perhaps the largest inventory of diecast you will find from higher end vehicles to toys. Prices are very good but the selection is overwhelming.
LCD Models
Another custom diecast manufacture in China that bulds made to order and custom vehicles for business that are nothing short of astounding in detail. Consumer offerings are available.
One of the most well known and prolific manufacturers of diecast in the world from China. Widely available everywhere.
Model Cars and More
Good selection of vintage cars, race cars, Indy cars and trucks. Many price ranges and scales.
French seller with wide selection of classic and vintage mostly European vehicles from all eras.
Seller of quality and high end diecast including racing models, and consumer. Prices moderate to high. Has a good selection of vintage and classic cars and racing stock.
The Diecast Zone
Large forum / discussion board and online collection sales. Diecast blog and private itemss for sale.
TK Diecast
1:18 Parts including wheels, 3d Printed and Resin detailing parts, interior enhancements, display and more for diecast cars of all kinds..
Keith's Model Cars
Large diecast seller and collector. Carries diecas exclusively. From Canada.
Model Cars Houston
Nice line of diecast and resin vehicles both old and new.Unusual selection of race vehicles and semi-trucks and trailers which is out of the ordinary.
CK Model Cars
German supplier with a gigantic selection of most everything including racing, nostalgic and modern vehicles.
Dutch Model Cars
Diecast and resin builder of very well made and carefully selected model cars including many racing vehicles. All come with a display stand and clear box cover.
Mini Model Shop
Large selection of diecast including some plastic figures. Also has a few plastic models. From the UK.
Model Car World
Lots of hard to find diecast here including european vehicles, a Greyhound Double Bus, several tractor trailers and more. From Germany.
Model Universe
Big variety but a large portion devoted to Indy Cars and other racing cars. Many hard to find issues here as well. From the UK.
Diecast selection + a selection of resin and 3D Printed models. Very good selection of quality items.
Diecast Repair and Tips
Maintenance site with info on taking care of diecast including making repairs, re-painting and adding aftermarket items. Unique site for diecast collectors.
Diecast Society
Great landing page for diecast that includes how-to's, forums, videos, news, new products and more.
Hornby Hobbies USA
Chain store with extensive diecast selection including some hard to find. Large UK Store that also carries RC and slot models.
CMC Model Cars
Vintage and Historic diecast cars in large scale. Highly detailed and exclusive. Racing cars and vintage luxury models. Many awards for the high quality cars they produce. Located in Hong Kong.
KDC Model Cars
Very high quality diecast including many luxury models, passenger, domestic and foreign. Located in Belgium.
Model Cars Canada
Canada supplier of all new, never resale cars including displays and dioramas. Extensive collection including many rare models and a robust catalog and mail order business.

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