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Last Updated 09/10/23
AK Interactive
Has a line of exceptional paints as well as models including many classic vehicle models, along with their military and airplane products.Based in Spain
Japanese company with a good selection of plastic car kits. In addition they also manufacture diecast, rc and other products. Their car offerings are generally well made and quite prolific in the states.
Beacon Models
A British company whose vehicle offerings are limited to a few military vehicles and who mostly specializes in military figures and models manufactured via 3D Printing and resin.
DNA Collectibles
A Swedish company that specializes in exquisite resin models in limited editions mostly for collectors. Similar in detail to diecast, these resin models are larger in scale but carefully produced and designed and include both modern and classic offerings. A truly unique manufacturer.
MENG Models
China based company that produces a selection of cars and motorcycles to go with their military offerings. They also have an excellent, well desined selection of tools and supplies. There may be issues using their website and finding their products in US shops.
Code 3 Models
Based in the UK this is another unique company that makes small run, plastic exact replicas mostly for corporate gifts and promotions. They do however offer single units for individuals that include one-off vehicles you specify. They also manufacture buses, trucks and trains, all with corporate decals mimicing the clients actual vehicles. Detailed like diecast.
Model Cars Wholesale
An Italian company that builds resin/plastic detailed vehice and motorcycle models for retail sale. These are diecast level detailed models that come ready to display and they offer quite the selection of cars. They sell thru a site called "" and have some retailers in the US.
1:24 Modelworks
A Philippines based company that specializes in plastic, custom made models for business and individuals though a bit pricey for a collector. They produce to order and have a wide selection of cars along with yachts, motorcycles and military.
Vintage and classic German manufacturer of model kits that has been around since most of us were kids. Hard to shop any hobby store or show without a massive collection of Revell products and offerings present.
An odd Netherlands company who specializes in manufacturing clothing and other items but also builds replica construction equipment in diecast for collectors and others.
The largest, most prolific and best known manufacture in the world based in Japan. They have been producing excellent models, RC Models, tools and supplies for many years. Their car kits are of high quality and can be purchased literally everywhere.
Another Legacy model maker from Italy with a prolific offering of cars, classic vehicles as well as military and figures. They also make a legendary collection of planes, helicopters and ships. Once again, can be purchased literally everywhere.
Hasegawa Models
Legacy and classic Japanese manufacturer of military, planes, ships and many classic and modern vehicles. Very prolific and varied offering with a good reputation for quality. Widely available everywhere.
Round 2
Models from the AMT brand as well as MPC, Hawk/Lindberg, Polar Lights, Auto World, American Muscle, Johnny Lightning, Racing Champions, and Classic Metal Works.Their offerings include many classic issued cars and a good variety of trucks all in plastic kit models. Based in South Bend, Indiana USA.
Salvinos JR Models
Produces NASCAR race cars exclusively, and under license from all the major automakers. They produce classic and current race cars with accurate livery. Models are injection molded and very popular models especially at shows. Based in California USA
Moebius Models
Manufactures novelty and classic cars from the 50's to the 70's and including TV Show models and movie models. They also make a selection of sci-fi vehicles. Good quality nostalgia model cars here. Based in California USA.
Atlantis Models
Legacy model manufacturer with a line of older vehicles, classic cars and some novelty offerings. They are widely availalble and are of good quality for the kits. Also have a line of planes, military, figures, engines and decals. Based in New York State.
UK based company making a big variety of classic and modern vehicles. Known for their "Starter Set" models that come with glue and paint. Still, a good choice if they have your obsession.
Heller Company
French manufacturer with a good catalog of classic and nostalgic even historical cars and some semi-modern. They also have a line of planes and military.
Alpha Models
These are very high end, very expensive resin models you build like any other kit. The precision and quality probably justify the prices, 4-5 times that of plastic kits. From China.
Model Works Direct
Builds custom vehicles for mostly corporate clients but also the general public. These are highly detailed models and a one off for each client. Based in WY much of the building is done in Japan and Philippines.
Carrera Revell
The US Location of Germany's Revell, distributing all of Revell's products for US vendors and consumers. Located in New Jersey.
Automodelli Studio
1:43 Scale kit manufacture in Australia. Also provides built models and has a range of fairly exotic large scale models and supplies including boats, motorcycles and trucks, all manufactured by them.

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