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Miscellaneous Supplies
Last Updated 09/10/23
Bob Smith Industries
Amazing line of CA Adhesives and accelerators that are very popular and widely used. They have CA for every type of application and replacement tops, precision tubes, and more. These can be purchased direct or at most any hobby shop worldwide.
Evan Designs LED's
LED lighting kits for model cars and more. To give your car a unique and realistic appearance you can install these headlights, brake lights etc on your car for display. Also has interior lights and showcase lighting with LED's.
Reusable Blue Stuff
Greenstuff World already listed in the Accessories section is listed here for their unique, reusable "blue stuff" molding material that has many uses in car modeling especially for repairs and modifications.
Sands Creations
Makes minature versions of all the popular engine blocks for use as desk decorations, business card holders and the like. Truly a unique item and a conversation starter.
Stirling Kit Engines
Sells every kind of kit engine model there is from plastic Revell models to elaborate, aluminum and stainless models that run on electric power. These highly detailed engines are no doubt an amazing addition to any car modeler's collection and are extremely well made. A bit pricey in some models.
Dave's Magic Paint Stripper
No website but available at hobby shops, model stores and suppliers, at shows and even Home Depot. This is a primo paint stripper for both plastic and diecast cars that works quickly and without a lot of fumes and mess. Contact them at or 608-843-9172.

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