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Last Updated 09/16/23
Bartsharp Airbrush
All things airbrush including compressors, paint booths etc. Carries the Iwata line along with many others. In the UK.
Unique tools for modelers including their claim to fame, the FLEX-I-FILE glue applicator for applying CA Adhesives more precicsely.
The Glue Looper
Single tool here for applying CA Adhesive with precision.
Has an amazing catalog of tools you did not know existed. Literally thousands of items for modelers and also jewelers, watchmakers and all the way up to metal lathes and other equipment. Catalog is like a wish book.
Micro Mark
Thousands of tools here of all kinds and specialities and also lathes and other plating and finishing equipment. Also carries a selection of models including model cars. Very different tool supplier but with a lot of things you need.
Widget Supply
Again, thousands of items and man very hard to find ones including a great selection of XActo products and Dremel accessories.
Supplies mostly cutting and stripping tools and pliers. Legendary with modelers for their flush cutting pliers that are reasonably priced.
Hobby Tools
Australian company that seems to be the Micro Mark of down under with a huge selection of modeling tools, power tools, jigs, and speciality items for modeling.
Amazingly well imagined line of precision crafted tools and accessories for model making, most machined out of fine grade aluminum. Somewhat hard to find in the US because of their high cost, they are well worth the money.
Prolific maker of a well regarded line of paint products, and unusual and hard to find tools. Most products available everywhere but catalog of offerings may not all be available in your area. Great reputation for their products. From Japan.

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