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Please Note: Many of these sellers are also "re-sellers" meaning they obtain unbuilt kits from private collections and other sources to sell in their stores.
Also, no stores that sold only non car items ,i.e. Gundam, Railroad, RC, Military etc were included here. Only sellers with cars since we are a "model car" site.
Last Updated 09/16/23
Auto World Store
Model kits, diecast, paints, glues, tools located in Indiana. Good selection of legacy kits and some modern. Also sells RC.
Burbank's House of Hobbies
Legacy model cars, ships, military plus figures including tv and movie monsters. Some space kits. Tools, paint. In Burbank CA.
Sunward Hobbies
Great selection of kits plus wide availability of tools and paint. Kits include diorama's, cars, military and planes. Located in Canada.
American Hobby Center
Sells a bit of everything including RC, Railroad and model kits. Selection of tools and paint.Located in PA.
Andy's Hobby Center
Well known seller with giant collection of car kits, tools and paint and many hard to find items. Famous for their You Tube Videos and has a great selection of almost everything. Knows the industry and builds themselves. Massive collection of kits to choose from. From Arizona.
Auto Krafters
Actually a Ford Auto Parts dealership but carries oddly, a limited selection of Ford plastic model kits. No other items but maybe they have that odd kit you want. Located in VA.
Hobbies and Beyond
Good selection of cars, along with consignments and games, toys, puzzles as well. Good selection of art supplies and glue. Located in Canada.
Bandits Hobbies
Very small store with a few car kits and a good line of Tamiya products but very limited selection of cars. Located in SC.
BMI Karts
Go Cart and racing store that carries a surprising amount of model kits. Many of these are not common and the selection is good along with the go cart and racing parts and RC. Not where you expect to find model cars and a good legacy and classic selection at that. Located in Ohio.
Free Time Hobbies
Typical Hobby store with good selection of model kits, tools and paint.Has a selection of military and planes, ships as well. Located in GA.
Carolina Racing Collectibles
Carries strictly NASCAR model kits from every known manufacturer. Good selection and many hard to find race cars here. Located in SC.
Charlie's Plastic Models
Reseller that obtains kits from estates, individuals and shows. As a result they may have something you can find nowhere else. Good selection of cars, some tools and paint. Midwest US.
Up Scale Hobbies
Very large shop with excellent collection of model cars including legacy and classic plus tools, paint and military, planes. Located in Indiana.
Model Kit Central
Limited model car kits and selection of military, ships and planes. Some tools and paint. Located in MA.
Freds Model World Online
Another re-seller that acquires kits from shows and individual collections. Could have the one you need for your collection. In Buffalo, NY.
Full Circle Hobbies
Limited selection of model cars but all are hard to find, novelty and classic. Some other models and supplies as well. Located in Canada../div>
Hobbies and Beyond
Large Hobby Shop with plenty of cars including legacy and classics, plus a good selection of tools and paint. Also carries military, ships, planes etc. In Canada.
Hobby Sense
Large selection of cars, paint, tools and other models. Military and planes. Located in Canada.
Wes's Model Car Corner
Smaller re-seller but with a giant inventory of cars. Lots of hard to find and rare selections here. Usual models and trucks.
Hobby World
Large shop with good selection of cars and also good selection of paints. Also has military, planes and ships. Located in New Hampshire - Mark Twain Hobby Center
Large selection with equally large tools and paint, military, planes and figures. Located in MO.
One of the largest with the an outstanding selection of everything. Robus mail oder operation and website. Located in Atlanta.
Hobby Nut Models
Another large seller with robust selection of car kits and supplies. Located in TN.
National Chain with stores throughout the US. Stocks most everything you would need and has classes in store. All over USA.
Another very large store with a good selection of model cars, tools and paints and detail items including aftermarket. Located in PA.
Internet Hobbies
Very large store with good selection of everything including aftermarket and detail parts. Located in PA.
Gigantic seller with everything. Outstanding selection of cars plus paints and supplies. Robust mail order business and website. Located in NV
Model Empire
This is one of the largest resellers there are. Thousands of kits all still wrapped and lining the shelves. Very likely to have what you are looking for here. Has every kind of model kit there is. Located in WI.
Not model cars but included since it is related and many car modelers look to build these engines. These are scale model of various engines from the world over. Good selection if pricey. Located in Ohio.
Model Roundup
Another very large seller with an enormus selection of cars, paints, and tools. Many hard to find cars and kits in inventory. Located in Atlanta.
Model Cars and More
Good selection with plenty of out of production kits, legacy kits and more. Located in NE.
Old Model Kits
Reseller specializing in vintage and older kits out of production but still valuable and sought after. In KY.
Pegasus Hobbies
One of the better selections of older kits and very rare kits. Also has good selection of aftermarket wheels. Located in CA.
Scale Hobbyist
Smaller seller but with good choice of mor modern car kits. Some military and planes. Limited glue, tools and paint. Located in NH.
Shore Line Hobby
Large selection of model kits, tools, paint and some military and planes. Good list of quality model cars. Located in FL.
Spotlight Hobbies
Large reseller with good inventory purchased from collections, estates and shows etc. Located in MI.
Sprue Brothers Models LLC
Both a retailer and reseller with a large inventory of cars, supplies, paints, tools and aftermarket. Located in MO.
Stevens Hobby
Not a seller but included here in case you want to start your own shop. US wholesale distributor of all the major brands and can supply your new store with stock. Located in NJ.
Sunward Hobbies
Retailer with enormus inventory of cars, military, ships, planes, aftermarket and detail parts. Also has great selection of paints, glues and tools, Located in Canada.
Very large seller with great inventory of cars and all supplies. Robust online business with website. One of the larger ones.Located in MN.
Excellent selection of hard to find model kits. Has ecceltic selection of very hard to find tools and imported items from Germany.Very unique products here with this seller. Located in IL.
Up Scale Hobbies
Very large seller with outstanding selection of all things hobby including a good selection of cars, supplies, paints and figures. Robust online business with a large website. Located in IN.
Victory Models
Limited selection of cars and detail parts. Most of the cars are unusal and not typical finds.Located in FL.
1001 Hobbies
Chicago area store with a large selection of everything, paints, tools, glues, kits and more. Robust online business.
Rabid Models eBay
eBay store of major reseller with gigantic inventory. Bound to have what you want. Few brick & mortar stores have this kind of inventory.
Scottharv1 New Used Models And More eBay
Another eBay store with an enormus selection of models for resale. Many nostalgic and older kits and some modern. Great place to look for older kits.
Online seller for the entire Metal Earth metal models that require no glue or paint and minimal tools. Good to hone your skills on.
AMT Store - AMT Model Car & Truck Kits
Seller of all things AMT. Large selection of AMT classic and more modern kits. Located in Washington State.
Hobby Lobby
US Craft Chain Store with large model car section including many kits, diecast, tools, paint and even airbrushes and equipment. Carries Createx's craft paint line in full that many modelers use for their robust color selection.
Factory Direct Hobbies
NC Seller with many pages of model cars including a lot of vintage, promotional and hard to find kits.
Old Model Kits
This online re-seller carries a very large selection of vintage, historic and classic kits including many you have no doubt ever seen anywhere else. Located in Lexington, KY.
Imex Model Company
Online seller with large catalog of fairly rare model kits and some not so rare. Located in Florida.
Cult TV Man
Niche seller that specializes in kits from TV shows and movies. Race cars and fantasy shows kits are offered, as are several Ed Roth models. Located in Georgia.

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