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Last Updated 09/9/23
19 Tips and Tricks for Scale Modelers
Valuable tips and tricks for building model cars for both beginners and those more experienced. Simple ideas, well explained.
A4 Garage
Meticulously executed assembly and finishing of model cars and motorcycles with each step shown in detail. Outstanding results from a very skilled modeler.
Andy's Hobby Headquarters
Online store with periodic videos highlighting new arrivals and how-to's along with reviews and unboxing of models, tools and accessories.
Barbatos Rex
Prolific reviewer of all things modeling. Extensive and thorough reviews of paints, tools, glues equipment and more from this excellent creator. Reviews are easy to follow and show each step of the review and conclusions. Must see before any purchase.
BR Scale Garage
A master builder that demonstrates superb technique and methods to produce stunning, realistic and consistent results.
Building on a Budget
Here you will find unboxings, reviews, builds, tips, tricks, history and walkarounds to save money! With no hobby room and rarely using expensive aftermarket sets many of the Tips and Tricks videos show how you can use everyday items found at home to help your modelling.
Another outstanding creator with expert skills that demonstrates high levels of results effortlessly. Very good explanations of each step and the reasons behind them.
Doctor Cranky's Lab-RAT-ory
Home of THE CRANKY SHOW and Dr Cranky, a mature and experienced modeler that demonstrates techniques for model and diorama building including some wild paint schemes and airbrush work.
Doin stuff with things
Likes to capture images and then sequence them into videos and/or slideshows. Included on this channel are some various projects I made, posted here solely for entertainments sake and NOT to used as tutorials.Different approach to modeling.
Dudley's Scale Model Cars
Unboxing and building scale model's mostly cars by a young man that is frank about his mental health issues and struggles with depression. Modeling provides an outlet and source of therapy in his life that is inspiring to watch.
International Scale Modeller
Regular news shows and modeling builds from an experienced, expert builder. Regular reviews of products and tools associated with and for modelling plus video modelling build guides and modelling hints, tips & techniques videos.
Jun's Mini Garage
Another step by step demonstration creator who is a talented expert that acheives amazing results. Very informative and aspiring videos.
From the online store of the same name, you will find new arrivals, un-boxing, tips and techniques, product reviews and more from this large seller.
Metal Earth
Everything relating to the 3D Metal Earth/ICONX/Tenyo metal models. Not strictly model cars but are often sold with them as a diversion since they require no glue or paint.
Model Car Mods
A professional modeler from LA, building since 2002 featuring a lot of customization tutorials, scratch building and some crazy mods.
Mr. Lin's Scale Modeling
Another outstanding professional builder with highly developed technique that gets unbeleivable results in the cars and motorcycles that are built and demonstrated.
Rust Technique
A listing of many videos that demonstrate various ways to apply rusting to model cars and the best way to accomplish it with minimum trouble.
Scale Model Experiment
Builder with over 20 yrs experience demonstrates tips and techinques for building cars, customizations, and some shortcuts and alternate ways to do things.
Scale Model Techniques
Well known and popular professional modeler, Don Yost's site with many videos on techniques for model building including what he is most famous for, his mirror paint jobs.
The Scalemodeling Channel
Builder with amazing skill that videos his builds without much comment and instead allows you to see exactly how he acheives the enviable results he does thur superior technique.
Advanced skills builder that demonstrates skills and techniques during the course of his builds and including advanced work like weathering and heat staining.
Ted's Modeling Technique
Shares the tips and tricks he has learned over the years of building cars to get superior results from his builds. Excellent tutorials for beginners and more experienced builders.
The Muscle Car Modeler
As the name implies,has slick how to videos building mostly muscle cars and the tips and techniques used to get great results.
Find a painter group
Group to exchange info with painters to paint your cars, trucks or minatures if you don't have the skills or time.
Metal Earth
Group devoted to the Metal Earth, Iconx and Tenyo metal models that do not require glue or paint and only minimal tools.
All things related to Diecast model cars, trucks and motorcycles.
Reddit for the Scale Modeler
Covers all kinds of scale modeling including cars with photos and tips.
Model Makers
Another modeling site that includes cars plus photos and tips for all kinds of modeling.
r/Model Cars
A treasure of information from other modelers in this online community devoted to cars and building them with skill.
Reddit's Scale Model Society
All kinds of general modeling including cars, with tips, techniques, photos, and lots of helpful information.
Reddit index - Tutorials and How To's
Master index of the Reddit Wiki pages for tutorials and how to's for all kinds of model building including techniques specific to cars.
Revell Models
Group dealing exclusively with Revell models including building techniques, photos and tips.

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